Employee Experience to Create and Share Value

Join this course to learn more about the value of employee experience which provides a potentially smarter approach to meeting employee and organisational needs than HR’s traditional emphasis on engagement and leads to other major benefits too. The approach centres on ensuring that employees can contribute fully and easily in order to generate positive results for an employee, the groups they work within, and the employing organisation as a whole. Doing this requires a people-centric focus which sees employees as whole people rather than just job holders. One issue in this, of course, is that each employee has different needs, and hence developing the experience needs to take account of these, leading to flexible and even personalised services and interactions.

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Course Rationale

Employee experience is clearly being over hyped at the moment and it is important to recognise this should not be the whole focus of a strategic HR practitioner or team – in particular, organisations still need to produce outcomes linked to business needs.

However, employee, worker, candidate and alumni experiences do play an increasingly important role – helping people get work done, improve their productivity and support their customers, etc, adding and creating new value for the business they work within. People experience is particularly important for businesses taking a people first perspective, providing a way to help employees meet their own needs through their experience of work as well as supporting achievement of business objectives. In either of these situations, HR has a major opportunity to ensure people experience is seen as compelling and enables effective performance, both outcomes supporting and enabling business success.

Course Description

‘The Employee Experience to Create and Share Value’ course explains what a focus on experience can provide for HR and the rest of a business, as well as what it fails to deliver, and why it should be built on firm strategic foundations. The course also reviews key opportunities to improve experience, including persona development and journey mapping, the use of technologies for informing and listening to people about their experience, as well as opportunities to design the whole organisation to help employees be their best selves, optimising their individual and group contributions.

Key Course Topics

  • Experience vs satisfaction in the digital age including gamification
  • Transforming organisational culture
  • Mapping employee journeys including developing and using current an future personas
  • Organisation design which optimises individual and group contributions
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Course Includes

  • 37 Lessons
  • Course Certificate