Engaging Business Leaders – the 4 T’s

My latest Academy newsletter reviews a couple of themes from a recent Time article suggesting that HR is now a core business function. Not exactly new news, but something that’s still not widely recognised. I also like the idea of “net better off”, both for business and the individuals working in it.

However, I also take you through what I call my 4 T’s: four ways to engage business leaders in strategic and people-centric HR. Take a look, and subscribe for more insights.

I also provide a summary of the 4 T’s model below


The 4 T’s

• Tell: explain how HR can increase the impact of people, organisation and it’s own function through strategic and people-centric approaches. Give your business colleagues a copy of one of Dave Ulrich’s books, or one of my own, or probably better, McKinsey’s ‘Beyond Performance’ which describes how people outcomes (‘organisation health’) can benefit a business. The ‘Time’ article could be a good introductory article too.

• Together: facilitate a session to develop a strategic HR plan in order to help other business leaders understand what HR is trying to do, and to develop their co-ownership for our activities and deliverables.

• STealth: just go and be more strategic and wait for your business colleagues to figure out that HR is doing something different! This is a perhaps surprisingly common approach taken by lots of very successful HR leaders..

• Trust: develop a good partnering relationship with other business leaders – if we’re trusted to understand the business and people, and leaders like working with us, then we’ll get the time and attention to talk about improving our contribution and impact too.


Jon Ingham

HR Strategist, Trainer, Learning Facilitator at the Jon Ingham Strategic HR Academy


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