A Special Study Group: Innovating People Practices


Have a true and significant impact on your organisation’s performance. Commencing 28 March this study group will cover two learning courses: Performance Management Re-engineering and Reward Innovation, sequentially over 13 weeks, finishing by 24 June 2022.





Employee performance management and reward are absolutely critical business processes or approaches – providing the main mechanisms an organisation has for ensuring that work is performed and objectives are achieved effectively. They should also be important enablers for employees – helping everyone understand what they need to do, and how to do it. However, despite recent improvements in performance management, neither area typically works that well. But given the importance of both processes within the Great Resignation, we cannot go on making incremental improvements that do little to reduce frustration or increase impact on business performance. It is time to seriously transform.

The good news is that there are things that can be done to make a major difference. In particular, new opportunities from business operations, new insights from psychological research, and new digital technologies now provide some additional, significant opportunities for improvement. Organisations need to understand both these opportunities and also the best way in which they can select an approach which will work for them.

This study group will cover two Academy learning programmes: Performance Management Re-engineering and Reward Innovation. Enrol on this special study group to have a true and significant impact on your organisation’s performance. Learn approaches that can then be extended to transform other HR / People  process areas too.

The study group is open now for orientation and introductions, and will then progress through the two courses sequentially, starting on 11 April and finishing by 24 June.