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Study Group Programmes

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About Study Groups

Study Groups last for about two months and are run one or more times per year for each course. These provide the main basis for Q&A with Jon, and also asynchronous chat based discussion about the course, and the application of the content with other participants.

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Zoom Calls

Study groups are supported by four Zoom calls during the life of a study group. These help members of the group get to know each other, enable discussion on more complex issues, support activities (depending on the course) and provide a basis for reviewing the application of content to your participants' own organisations:

Week 1 - orientation
Week 2 - introduction and initial Zoom call
Week 3 - section 1
Week 4 - section 2 and 2nd Zoom call
Week 5 - section 3
Week 6 - section 4 and 3rd Zoom call
Week 7 - section 5
Week 8 - summary and final Zoom call.

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Scheduling Your Time

This schedule means that participants need to be able to put about 1 to 2 hours per week into their study, or an equivalent amount of time spent more flexibly as there are various options for taking a course, eg:

Reviewing all the content in advance and then taking the study group.

Splitting the main part of the study into two half days maybe held around weeks 4 and 6.

Not taking a study group and just reviewing the course independently if this is the preferred approach.

- you can always ask Jon questions individually.