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Offer on demand access to strategic HR training designed to improve the strategic impact of HR practitioners.

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Optimising HR continues to be challenging. One important opportunity is to combine strategic HR with an even more people-centric perspective in a multi-sided approach. Now is the time to transform HR and in recognition of this we are offering four new study groups: Performance Management Re-engineering; Process Design; Work / Job Design; and Reward Innovation. These study groups are open for registration. Click on the buttons below to purchase your place and access the relevant course.

You’ll find a range of other courses in the Academy. You can book and take any of these courses independently and on demand (with some support from Jon Ingham if needed). Alternatively, you can attend a course as part of a study group. We recommend booking and studying your chosen course now, and then joining the next study group to reinforce your learning from the course. There are no extra charges to participate in a study group. For study group start dates please scroll down, download the study group brochure or visit Starting Now.

Academy Courses

16 Lessons

HR and Competitive Advantage

You will gain: - Clarity in how HR can be more strategic and why the prevailing idea about this topic condemns HR to remain a support function; - The confidence to have more impact based on understanding why HR deserves to be seen as the main driver of competitive success; - Two key tools to think about the value HR can provide, to ensure that in everything we do, we provide as much value as possible.

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39 Lessons

HR Transformation for Creating Value

Leverage the opportunities of this training which reviews best fit opportunities to develop new HR structures, processes, cultures, HR practitioner skills, and client relationships. It will also review the opportunities provided by digital technologies, not just in the service centre, but also to increase the effectiveness of specialists and business partners, or people working in similar, strategic roles.

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16 Lessons

Organisation Design for Modern Compelling and Effective Working

Learn how organisation design can provide the best possible opportunity to implement business strategies with a conducive environment for employees and teams to maximise their contribution.

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29 Lessons

Performance Management Re-engineering

Attend this course to understand how performance management can be re-engineered – to have a true and significant impact on business performance.

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36 Lessons

Process Design in both HR and the Business

Business process design is the fundamental building block of good organisation design. This course provides a methodology for business process design and gives participants experience in applying the methodology to one or more of their organisation’s business teams. Attend this course to better understand how effective processes can be created and how to facilitate the development of better processes within your own HR team and with your business teams. Key topics covered include: The need for holistic and best fit design for HR processes Effective approaches for implementing process design with your business teams.

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33 Lessons

Putting People First for Meaning and Performance

This course will be ready for the May 2023 Study Group. Learn how to develop strategies to create an organisation which meets your employees' expectations as well as the needs of your business. See that this will create the competitive advantage your company needs. Know that you've helped all the people who work for your company to achieve their potential and meet their other personal goals. And be part of the future of HR.

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30 Lessons

Reward Innovation: True Transformation vs Timid Tinkering

Build a case for change. Attend this training to review the opportunities to renew reward within a transformed approach to HR and in order to deliver cost savings and improved results in our businesses.

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26 Lessons

Strategic Partnering to Improve HR Credibility and Contribution

Catch-up with the latest thinking on strategic HR business partnering and to fully understand the approach, the role and the job.

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29 Lessons

Work and Job Design improving Wellbeing and Productivity

Learn how to reinvent roles and jobs to improve productivity and to develop jobs, engagement and productivity in your own organisation

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Prior to this academy, Jon had been delivering face-to-face HR training for over ten years, upskilling thousands of HR practitioners in the UK, Middle East, Asia and elsewhere.

Jon Ingham is a leading HR strategist and delivers the Academy's training - providing the content and facilitating its interactive aspects

All course content is built upon a shared perspective on people-centric, strategic HR, but also highlights other perspectives on learning areas.

The range of courses ensures HR practitioners can take a strategic approach to all their work.

Jon specialises  in helping HR practitioners apply academic research, new technology and innovation to the way they generate competitive advantage through their people.

Find Out More About the Academy

Jon Ingham speaks about the making of the Strategic HR Academy and how it works.

Jon Ingham, author of 'The Social Organization' focuses on how to develop employee connections and relationships for improved business performance.
For a new take on organisation design read Jon Ingham's article published in HR Magazine [November 2019].
Case studies from leading organisations feature in Jon's first work book, 'Strategic Human Capital Management; Creating Value Through People'.
HR Magazine [October 2019] publishes Jon Ingham's views on the role of people-centric groups in organisation design.
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