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All HR training content is built upon a clear perspective focused on people-centric, strategic HR. Download your choice of course brochures to find out more about the range of Strategic HR Academy courses available.

Course Brochures

Organisation Design

Learn how to use traditional and modern opportunities for organising including agile, Holacracy, communities, networks, ecosystems, platforms and distributed autonomy (DAOs). Apply the right forms for your organisation.

Putting People First

People are now so important to organisation success that we must build strategy with people and around people. This programme explains the approach and why it provides the future basis for HR.

Strategic Partnering

Partner with business clients by creating bespoke organisation capabilities that support and offer new opportunities to a business. Practice using an informal planning framework to embed the approach in your daily activities.

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Jon’s strategic HR training is kept up-to-date with the latest thinking and developments.

HR needs to organise appropriately to deliver the changes required in the Academy’s other courses. Understand the range of options starting with the Ulrich model, through the use of consulting / agile teams, and including a more networked / digital approach.

If there is one area of HR that has not yet been transformed, it has got to be reward - but this does now need to change as well. Review how reward can work differently and identify how to redevelop your own reward strategy.

The need to improve productivity and low levels of engagement, together with new opportunities for using digital technologies, and the need for more flexibility following the covid-19 pandemic, all increase focus on the area of job design.

Learn why many organisations have now transformed performance management and what they have done. But avoid copying this new ‘best practice’ and develop a best fit approach for your own business.

Business process design is the fundamental building block of good organisation design. Explore a methodology for business process design and gain some experience in applying the methodology to one or more of your organisation’s business teams.