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Three New Study Groups - now ready for enrolment, purchase the relevant course to join your study group

Strategic and People-Centric HR

The Strategic HR Academy is running three study  programmes enabling you to optimise HR through a combination of strategic and people-centric perspectives.

These three study groups Job Design, Performance Management Re-engineering. Strategic HR Partnering each  provide about 20 hours of content to study, learning together with a small cohort of other HR practitioners over a three-month period.

For study group start dates visit Starting Now.

Study Groups

You’ll find a range of other courses in the Academy. You can book and take any of these courses independently and on demand (with some support from Jon Ingham if needed). 

Alternatively, you can attend a course as part of a  study group. We recommend booking and studying your chosen course now, and then joining the next study group to reinforce your learning from the course. There are no extra charges to participate in a study group.

If you are interested in a full programme of study, you may pre-register your interest in study groups using our online form and we will contact you with potential start dates.

It is also possible to organise dedicated in-house study groups for you and your colleagues, contact us to discuss:

Study Group Pre-Registration
Please complete this form to join a pre-registration list and we will contact you with potential dates of Academy Study Groups.

How to join a study group

To join any study group you first need to enrol onto the relevant course. Visit our courses page to do this. If you wish to enrol onto a Special Study Group covering more than one course simply purchase your place from the Purchase Page. Once enrolled you can access your study group via the Groups icon on the lefthand menu.

Jon Ingham

Academy Director