Competitive Advantage

Course outline

This training course is designed to help HR capture its strategic opportunities. It is the most conceptual course in the Strategic HR Academy and in many ways acts as an optional foundation for all the other courses. As it is hoped that a high proportion of Academy members will take this course, the training is supported by an ongoing study forum rather than a shorter-term, cohort based study group. Reflecting both the importance and conceptual nature of this course, and the lack of a study group, the course is priced at half the cost of the other courses.

Key topics include:

  • How HR can be more strategic and why the prevailing idea about this topic condemns HR to remain a support function.
  • Why HR deserves to be seen as the main driver of competitive success.
  • Two key tools for identifying the strategic value HR can provide, ensuring that we optimise our contribution.
History of eLearning

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This course has its own study forum where you can exchange views with other Academy members.

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