Study Group Format

More about study groups

Study groups lasts over 2 months and consist of asynchronous chat and four on-hour Zoom calls per study group.

These groups let you learn alongside other HR practitioners, sharing your insights and experiences, and further expanding your understanding.

Check out the format of a standard study group in the timetable below. 

A Standard Study Group Timetable

Week 1

Orientationand certification tracking

Week 2

Introduction and initial Zoom call

Week 3

Course content begins: Section 1

Week 4

Section 2 and 2nd Zoom call

Week 5

Section 3

Week 6

Section 4 and 3rd Zoom call

Week 7

Section 5

Week 8

Summary and final Zoom call

Ongoing learning in the Academy

Zoom calls:
each week of the study group features asynchronous chat,
supported by synchronous discussion in the four Zoom calls

Sharing your insights from the course

Discussing application of the content in your and other participants’ organisations

Asking questions about the content

Undertaking group or discussing individual activities

How to join a study group

To join any study group you first need to enrol onto the relevant course. Visit our courses page to do this. If you are wishing to join a Special Study Group covering more than one course simply purchase your place via the Purchase page. Once enrolled you can access your study group via the Groups icon shown on the left-hand menu.

Jon Ingham

Academy Director