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Starting now!

Find out more about three October study groups, see details below.

Three October Study Groups now open for Enrolment

Putting people first for meaning and performance
Now open, join by 11 OCTOBER. - runs to 3 DECEMBER - £298.00

People are now so important to organisation success that we must build strategy with people and around people. This programme explains this approach and why it provides the future basis for HR.

Strategic partnering to improve HR credibility and contribution
Now open, join by 18 OCTOBER,, runs to 10 DECEMBER - £298.00

Partner with business clients by creating bespoke organisation capabilities that support and offer new opportunities to a business or business unit. Practice using an informal planning framework to embed this into your daily activities.

Performance management
Now open, join by 25 OCTOBER, runs to 17 DECEMBER - £298.00

Learn why many organisations have now transformed performance management and what they have done. But avoid copying this new ‘best practice’ and develop a best fit approach for your own business.

How to join a study group

To join any study group you first need to enrol onto the relevant course. Visit our courses page to do this. Once you have purchased your training course (or if you have Gold, Platinum or Partner membership) you will have access to the Member Zone and you will be able to join the associated study group. Silver membership is automatically provided with each course enrolment.

Jon Ingham

Academy Director