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Strategic and People-Centric Programmes

Strategic and People-Centric Programmes - enrol now

We invite you to take up your place on these three new study groups by purchasing the relevant course and signing up to the relevant study group free of charge. Now open for registration.

Now open for registration, join by 10 October! Work and job design used to be a key focus of personnel but until recently has been largely ignored by HR. However, the digital age and renewed focus on skills has brought work design back to the centre of the strategic HR agenda, and this is something all HR practitioners should understand.

Strategic partnering (aligning HR to produce strategic business impacts) may be 25 years old, but some organisations have yet to introduce the role and many more have yet to make it work. This course provides a simple but highly strategic approach and toolkit to improve your organisation’s competitive success.

Talent Strategy Group report that most companies has updated their performance management process within the past 4 years. But does this go beyond relatively simple changes such as removing appraisals or introducing OKRs? And have they developed best fit approaches specific for their organisations? Find out how to truly re-engineer performance management in this course.

You’ll find a range of other courses in the Academy. You can book and take any of these courses independently and on demand (with some support from Jon Ingham if needed). Alternatively, you can attend a course as part of a study group. We recommend booking and studying your chosen course now, and then joining the next study group to reinforce your learning from the course. There are no extra charges to participate in a study group.

How to join a Study Group

To join a study group simply purchase the relevant course. Once purchased you will have access to both the study group and the associated course.

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