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Talent Strategy Group report that most companies have updated their performance management process within the past 4 years. But does this go beyond relatively simple changes such as removing appraisals or introducing OKRs? And have they developed best fit approaches specific for their organisations? Find out how to truly re-engineer performance management in this programme.

Many businesses now realise that efforts to improve the capability and engagement of their talent will have limited impact unless the organisational context provides talent with the opportunity to contribute towards business objectives and to use their potential. Join this programme to become more effective in organisation design, designing business processes, managing culture change and leveraging organisational knowledge.

Process design is not something that gets taught to many HR professionals, but it should be. Despite new focus on employee experience and relationships, processes still lie at the heart of what we do and are a critical element in organisation design. Join this programme to design your organisation and HR process architecture and improve individual processes.

HR has fundamentally changed everything we do over the last couple of decades, with one exception: Reward. Despite some suggestions around the 'new pay' compensation and benefits largely work in the same way they always has. However, new focus on location and skills and with new organisation models and technologies now must finally be the time to change.

There is a lot of focus on HR operating models at the moment, with new suggestions from McKinsey, Josh Bersin, Gartner, Dave Ulrich and others. The differences between models is important, and applies to all elements / dimensions of the model, ie everything we do. This programme helps you understand which model you should select and how you can transform to implement it in the most effective way.

Study Groups on Effective Partnering - open for enrolment

Purchase Strategic Partnering and/or HR Transformation courses and join the relevant study groups running at the end of October. The study groups start on 23 October and we progress the course content from 30 October – so join by this date at the latest! The study groups run through to 15 December.

Enrol on this course to catch-up with the latest thinking and case examples on strategic partnering. Understand the opportunities for HR Directors, embedded business partners and other HR practitioners to partner with business clients and the range of activities which can be used to create strategic value.

Review best fit opportunities to develop new HR structures, processes, cultures, HR practitioner skills, and client relationships. Review the opportunities provided by digital technologies, not just in the service centre, but also to increase the effectiveness of specialists and business partners, or people working in similar, strategic roles. Through leveraging these opportunities, HR can substantially increase its credibility and contribution, and the impact it has on the organisation it works within.

How to access the full range of courses

You’ll find a range of courses in the Academy. You can book and take any of these courses independently and on demand (with some support from Jon Ingham if needed). Alternatively, you can attend a course as part of a study group. We recommend booking and studying your chosen course now, and then joining the next study group to reinforce your learning from the course. There are no extra charges to participate in a study group.

How to join a Study Group

To join a study group simply purchase the relevant course. Once purchased you will have access to both the study group and the associated course.

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