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Practitioner Memberships

Choose from a range of memberships for internal practitioners, interims and non-consulting academics. Select from the choice below and start your course. Alternatively select each membership from the drop down menu.

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Practitioner Memberships
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Best of Three

Three distinct memberships for individual practitioners will give you a range of benefits. Check out the comparison table further down the page. Explore different memberships in more detail.

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Best of Three

Practitioner Memberships Comparison Table








Length of membership


Access to social learning hub

Courses included

Pay for each course *

Enrolment onto study groups

up to 4

Quarterly coaching with Jon Ingham

* (Each course comes with free Silver Membership, so if you have not yet bought a course the cheapest way to obtain Silver Membership is by purchasing the Competitive Advantage Through Organisation Capabilities course, priced £148. You can buy this course here as you purchase Silver Membership or  you can obtain Silver Membership through purchasing another differently priced course).