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Strategic HR

Learning Out Loud

Regular study groups focus on learning and taking action.  Discussions within each Study Group help to share thinking and exchange ideas.

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Learning Out Loud
Strategic HR

Flipped Learning

Training in the Strategic HR Academy still provides the same interactive discussion time and social nature of traditional face-to-face training, but this is ‘flipped’ to optimise your time.

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Flipped Learning

About study groups

The Academy’s courses can be taken on their own or as part of a study group – a small cohort of HR practitioners working through a course together.

Study groups consist of asynchronous chat and four one-hour Zoom calls per study group. These groups let you learn alongside other HR practitioners, sharing your insights and experiences, discussing application in your and other organisations, undertaking activities, and further expanding your understanding.

Shared documents and links to resources
Forum discussions within each Group
Personal chat between participants
Workshop sessions
Projects for sharing and discussion

Study groups span over 2 months meaning that participants will need to put about 1 to 2 hours per week into their study, or to spend an equivalent amount of time more flexibly as there are various options for taking a course

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Spread your learning over the study group

Enrol onto a course to join the relevant study group, spreading your learning over the 2 months.

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Enrol in advance

Enrol onto a course, review all the content in advance and then take the study group to refresh and reinforce your learning.

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Enrol and split the study

Concentrate your learning into times that make sense for you (eg two half days held around weeks 4 and 6 of the study group).

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Study independently

Enrol on a course to study independently without a study group. You can always ask Jon questions separately. sa

How to join a study group

If you are enrolled onto a course you will have the opportunity to sign up to a relevant Study Group from your course Introduction. If you are enrolling onto a Special Study Group covering more than one course simply register by purchasing your place from the Purchase page. Once you are enrolled you can access the relevant Study Group from ‘My Groups’ in the left hand panel menu of the Member Zone.

Jon Ingham

Academy Director