Employee Experience to Create and Share Value

Employee Experience to Create and Share Value

Improve Employee Experience

Whether your aim is to help employees deliver for the business or the business to help employees meet their needs, this course explains how you can best listen to employees’ expectations, understand their moments that matter and transform their experiences.

Join this course to examine opportunities which centre on improving the employee experience ensuring that employees can get their jobs done, and do this in a way which supports their satisfaction and wellbeing, in order to generate positive results for an employee, the groups they work within, and the employing organisation as a whole.

Learning Stream: Creating People-Centric HR Approaches

People-Centric HR

Organisations have shifted to a people-centric perspective to help propel themselves through the pandemic. However, we are now at the point that we need to shift direction. We now need to act strategically and differentiate ourselves by creating strong organisational identities that will help our businesses and employees succeed. The challenge will be to shift direction whilst maintaining the people-centric approach we have recently developed. 

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Jon Ingham

Academy Director and globally recognised HR strategist