Performance Management Re-engineering

Make your performance management system and approach a core driver for what it should have always been - a major basis for improved business performance

Learn from new insights on people, business and technology and from organisations which have already transformed what they do

Avoid having to research all of this yourself and benefit from a curated summary, together with insights on developing a strategic approach for your own business.

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Course Rationale

We all understand the theoretical benefits of performance management – the way it lies at the centre of learning, reward, career management etc, and how it also acts as the basis for increasing the performance of the business. The fact is, however that it hardly ever acts like this. In fact, if there was one process in HR, or even across the whole of business, that most organisations would agree is broken, it would surely be employee performance management. Nothing else we do turns both managers and employees off so much or results in so much wasted time (mainly through poor application and ineffectual conversations, but often not helped by bureaucratically heavy designs). Yet it should not be like this. 

Employee performance management should be an absolutely critical business process or approach – providing the main mechanism an organisation has for ensuring that work is performed and objectives are achieved effectively. It should also be an important enabler for employees – helping them understand what they need to do, and to do it. But after 30 years of trying, we cannot go on making incremental improvements that do little to reduce frustration or increase impact on business performance. It is time to seriously transform and the good news is that there are things that can be done.

Course Description

Make a major difference using new insights from business and psychological research, new ways of thinking. Learn about technologies which provide new and significant opportunities for improvement. Understand both the opportunities and also the best way in which you can select an approach which will work for you and your organisation. 

Enrol on this course to understand how performance management can be re-engineered – to have a true and significant impact on business performance.

View the Performance Management Re-engineering taster video here.

Key Course Topics

  • Problems in the traditional approaches to employee performance management used by most organisations today.
  • Opportunities both to improve and transform / abolish traditional performance management.
  • Not just following the trends (eg dropping ratings), instead identify a best fit approach for your own organisation.

Course Content

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Problems with and Insights on Traditional Performance Management
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Making Traditional Performance Management Work as Well as Possible
Abolishing Performance Management
Linking Re-engineered Performance Management to other Processes
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Course Includes

  • 29 Lessons
  • 35 Topics
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