Putting People First for Meaning and Performance

Establish how best to develop a people first approach to HR and organisational management, and then promote this to business leaders. Learn how to develop strategies to create an organisation which meets your employees' expectations as well as the needs of your business. See that this will create the competitive advantage your company needs. Know that you've helped all the people who work for your company to achieve their potential and meet their other personal goals. And be part of the future of HR.

This course will provide all the content you need to be effective in people-centric HR  and will be ready for the next Putting People First study group taking place from October 2024. Book the course and you will then be able to register for the study group at no extra cost. 

Course rationale

Employee engagement remains a vital focus for HR departments. However, despite a decade or more’s investment in engagement surveys and developing line managers, etc, engagement levels are often still much lower than we would want them.

Is that at least partly because, in many ways, engagement approaches have been fundamentally disengaging? A reason for this might be that engagement has always been defined in terms of the business – that it is something that helps in terms of achieving the company’s goals. Therefore, employees are often unsure what is in engagement for them.

A more engaging approach might therefore be to dispense with the idea of engagement, and indeed, in the traditional, one-way focus on organisation’s own needs. Instead, we may now need to consider employment from the perspective of the employee, or indeed of anyone working for an organisation, in exchange for pay, benefits, and often their particular idiosyncratic needs.

The recent focus on Employee Experience has taken us a step towards this perspective, but people don’t come to work for a good experience. Ensuring they are effectively motivated might therefore mean understanding why people come to work, and responding to these needs.

Course description

Attend this training to understand how people in your business can be enabled and encouraged to perform by first helping them to achieve their own goals. Learn to adopt a people-centric focus which sees employees as whole people rather than just job holders. Tackle the issue that each employee has different needs, and recognise how to develop the experience needed to take account of these, leading to flexible and even personalised services and interactions.

Key course topics

  • The need and opportunity for people centricity
  • Personalising the employment deal according to an individual’s own needs
  • Meeting common requirements for meaning, autonomy, learning and positive relationships
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Course Includes

  • 33 Lessons
  • Course Certificate