Strategic Partnering to Improve HR Credibility and Contribution

Catch-up with the latest thinking on strategic business partnering

Fully understand key theories and concepts behind the strategic partnering role

Learn how to apply these ideas through a highly practical yet extremely strategic approach to people and organisation planning, measurement and analysis

This course provides all the content you need to be effective in strategic HR partnering. You can book and take the course independently and on demand (with some support from Jon Ingham if needed).  Alternatively, you can study the course as part of our new study group taking place from May to early July 2024. (The study groups runs from 13 May and we begin progressing through the course on 27 May – join by then at the latest! We finish the course on 5 July). We recommend booking and studying the course now, and then joining the study group to reinforce your learning from the course (we will remind you closer to the time). There are no extra charges to participate in the study group.


Course Rationale

More than 20 years on from Dave Ulrich’s “HR Champions”, developing a partnering approach is still the aspect of HR transformation which many organisations find most difficult to implement. In particular, HR often struggles to make the ‘strategic partnering’ role real. In many cases, the intended behaviours and impacts of this role never materialise. But there are organisations which are implementing strategic partnering well – it can be done. 

Course Description

Enrol on this course to catch-up with the latest thinking and case examples on strategic partnering. Understand the opportunities for HR Directors, embedded business partners and other HR practitioners to partner with business clients and the range of activities which can be used to create strategic value.

See how concepts and theories can be brought into a highly practical yet very strategic planning tool which HRDs can use for the whole organisation, and business partners for the business areas they are enabling. The tool can also be used together with business clients to co-develop a strategic approach and document this in a simple, agile way which helps HR prioritise activities on a daily basis.

Focusing on measurement and analysis helps HR improve its plans and can also help identify new opportunities for creating strategic value. The course therefore ends with the development of strategic measures and analytics for the agreed plans. Developing these plans and measures will then enable HR’s success in its strategic partnering role.

Key Course Topics

  • Understanding strategic HR.
  • Developing the strategic partnering role.
  • Using a simple framework for strategic planning. measurement and analytics
  • Case studies and use of the planning framework to create strategic value and prioritise activities in participants’ organisations.

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Course Content

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Strategic Partnering with the Business
Taking Action to Meet Strategic Needs
Planning to Meet and Inform Business Objectives
Involving Business Leaders in Strategic HR Planning
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Course Includes

  • 26 Lessons
  • 27 Topics
  • Course Certificate