Performance Management and Fostering Flourishing

I was invited by Otti Voigt and Antoinette Weibel to give an introduction to changes and evolution in performance management as part of their meeting kicking off a project to reinvent performance management to make business flourish, linked to related work on good leadership, and the forthcoming HR Congress Horizon Summit.

I was delighted to accept Otti’s invitation and if you are interested, you can view the linked recording I made for the project below. Whilst recorded for this, the video also provides a short summary of the Strategic HR Academy’s Performance Management Re-engineering course and study group, particularly featuring some of the main case studies of organisations that have fundamentally changed their approach.

The video also describes, at a very high level, the use of objectives and principles to inform a best fit design of performance management for you own organisation. (Much more detail in the Academy course.)

And actually, that’s the main reason that I was so pleased to accept the invite – the main objective for performance management (in organisations that have a clear objective!) is usually one of learning and development; differentiating reward; or executing strategy. We aim to keep people motivated through performance management, but we don’t often make motivation its main objective.

Actually, if we design a process of system to help people flourish, we probably wouldn’t design anything like today’s performance management. But I think it’d be really interesting, and valuable, to see what we would end up with if we did, and I hope that this is where Otti’s project will go.

Please join Otti’s project if you’d be interested in fostering flourishing too, or if you’d like to understand broader opportunities in performance management, then the Academy’s next Performance Management study group starts on 2 April.

There’s a Reward Innovation course and study group as well, which takes the same approach, rather more tentatively, to what we may be able to do in the compensation and benefits areas too.

Otti’s project

Academy PM course / study group

Reward course / study group

Jon Ingham

Director, Strategic HR Academy

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