Reboot your Organisation / Process

If you’d ever like to chat about the learning / provocation within the Academy, here’s a conversation we may want to have:

1. I know you know you need to change (but are you doing enough, and quickly enough, to make it happen?)

2. How to change really isn’t the problem

3. The real issue is deciding what you’re changing to

4. Dream about what might be possible, whilst keeping aligned

5. Use analytics to monitor rather than set strategy

6. Articulate and gain agreement on what’s most important for your organisation (then everything else follows)

7. Develop and implement a best fit plan to meet your objectives.


It’s a big ask to progress through all this thinking (although it’s more or less the same thinking, at different levels, whether you’re looking at developing an overall people strategy, or changing your organisation architecture or approach to reward, etc).

But that’s why you need the Strategic HR Academy – or if not you, then who in your team or network would benefit from thinking things through?


Signal vs noise

There’s lots of information around these days, but almost too much! You can use generative AI to filter this down, but that dumbs it down as well. Join the Academy, spend 10 to 20 hours working through a course, and perhaps a similar amount of time discussing application with peers within a study group. We’ll take you through all the best content (models, theories, practices, case studies, etc) and new insights you won’t find anywhere else.


Provocation vs standard training

The Academy does provide training courses, but they’re not like programmes you’ll find elsewhere. All our content is designed to challenge you, to help you think, and then to go away and deliver more impact than you have before.

The Academy is built around a very strategic and people-centric philosophy, but we’re not expecting you to agree with everything we suggest. The aim is to help you develop your own insights about what will work in your own organisation. And you can still follow the processes provided in the courses to build your organisation around your own aims and objectives.


Dedicated time with leading consultant and experienced practitioner

All courses are delivered, and study groups are facilitated by Jon Ingham, author and co-author with Dave Ulrich. You don’t just get to hear from Jon, you’ll spend time with him, and other practitioners, helping gain deep insights into your course content, and how this can be applied in a way that’s right for you, and your organisation.


Flipped learning to optimise your time

Courses are built around pre-recorded video which you can study in your own time. You can take these independently, and Jon is always available to discuss.

Or you can study a course as part of a study group, taking place over two months. Most discussion, Q&A and activities are undertaken through asynchronous online discussion, so again, you can learn, individually and together, around your work commitments, wherever you are in the world. But we also run four or more online calls within each group, so everyone gets to know each other and to have some deeper conversations than might be possible in the discussion group.


The Academy is currently running the following courses, together with dates of the forthcoming study groups:


Are you going to be able to successfully reboot your organisation without some support?

If not, please join the Academy over the next few months. And let me know if you’d like to discuss. You can book time with me here:

Jon Ingham

Director, Strategic HR Academy

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